Industry Overview

Within the automotive industry, outsourced call center solutions are now considered essential to gain an edge over competitors and provide superior service. However, there is more competition within the industry than ever before. Consumers are bombarded with constantly new options of vehicles, which in return creates a greater demand for automotive companies to provide and maintain a high service level to accommodate its customers. On the other hand, car dealerships are facing massive challenges due to the extravagant cost of traditional advertising.

Our Solutions

Our 24x7x365 omnichannel contact center provides businesses in the automotive sector with efficient and cost-effective customer care services across all critical communication channels: inbound and outbound voice support, live chat, email management, social media, mobile SMS / text and IVR (self-service).

Our Services

Customer Acquisition

Our omnichannel interactions support the entire customer lifecycle, from lead generation to lead support.

Customer Care

We address all the needs of your customers and enhance your brand value.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Our multi-channel approach ensures that no opportunity is left unattended.

Welcome Calls & Appointment Setting

We operate 24/7 and handle overflow calls, as well as calls after hours, on weekends and holidays.


We keep you connected with your customers, and available 24×7 to support all their needs.

Order Management

We provide end-to-end services to enable you to efficiently process orders and boost sales and revenue.

Maintenance and Repair

Whether you’re an automotive company, car dealership, or mechanic, our solutions help you provide the best service for your customers.

Loyalty Program Management

Retain your existing customers, strengthen the relationship with them, and increase your future sales.

Roadside Assistance Programs

We focus on safety and security, speed of service, accuracy, reliability, and communication.

Recall Campaigns

We serve all stakeholders: customers, dealers, field communications, and fleet, from notification to resolution.


Omni-channel reminders include maintenance and repair reminders.

Test Drive Booking

Retain your existing customers, strengthen the relationship with them, and increase your future sales.

Why Outsource

Customer service is more important than ever within the automotive industry. For many consumers, it’s not just the vehicle itself that factors into their decision-making process, but also the reputation of the brand and/or dealership, the after-sales, maintenance, and availability of staff to resolve any issues that arise.  Consumers tend to always raise the bar when it comes to the level of service they expect to receive, particularly when it comes to safety and performance. They want immediate around-the-clock support regarding any concern or issue that may arise.