Industry Overview

In the media, events, and entertainment industry, outsourced call center solutions have become more effective than ever before. There are many types of businesses within the media and entertainment industry, including in the sectors of film, sports, digital media, advertising, gaming, publishing, cable, music, live performances, and radio. All of these businesses are now facing new challenges and changes. The Internet and digital channels have transformed the industry. Consumers, particularly Millennials, now expect to access much of their media and entertainment through their phones or laptops and prefer to discover, contact, and interact with companies through these channels.

Our Solutions

Customer service is more important than ever, as is brand loyalty, customer acquisition, and multi-channel service. Our contact center solutions can be used by media companies to give them an edge on their competitors and help them increase their customer satisfaction, revenue, and profits.

Our Services

Technical Support

Comprehensive outsourced technical and help desk services to meet the diverse technical needs of the customer.

Live Chat Support

Our live chat support services are designed to provide instant support to your customers in the shortest possible time. We use this as another medium to keep your customer happy.

Booking Services

Provide the necessary support for booking, registration, ticketing, and more.

Customer Care

Comprehensive outsourced technical and help desk services to meet the diverse technical needs of the customer.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Our multi-channel approach ensures that no opportunity is left unattended.

Why Outsource

We serve many clients in different sectors of the entertainment industry, and we use proven techniques to help grow your business and improve your customer’s satisfaction. Now more than ever, consumers want companies to meet them on their own terms. That means providing prompt service when they want, on the platform of their choosing. Our multi-channel support using phones, e-mail, and live chats, and social media allows your customers to interact on their own terms.

Our outsourced call center services also include outbound services, which take an active role in generating leads, acquiring new customers, and determining customer issues.