Industry Overview

The rise in the adoption of technology-enabled teaching & training techniques is driving the e-learning market growth. Some of the major emerging technologies in the industry include AR & VR devices, AI platforms, Big Data, machine learning, and wearable devices. These technologies are allowing several businesses as well as institutions to share and deliver education-based content in innovative and interactive methods.

Our Solutions

In order to stand apart in the competitive education sector, educational institutions must focus on creating an excellent experience for their students, from the time when they are prospective candidates for the course to when they receive their certification. To develop an exemplary learning environment for students, teaching and administrative staff need to focus on mission-critical tasks and find time from handling large volumes of incoming calls, messages, emails, and responding to other routine communication. Additionally, timely outbound communication could be the key to convincing a prospective student to enroll, versus taking admission in another competitor institution.

Our Services

Student Lead Generation

Our omnichannel interactions support the entire student lifecycle, from lead generation to lead support.

Chat Support

Provide the necessary support for registration, financial aid, scheduling of classes, and more.


We ramp up our resources to continue to deliver high-quality customer service during high seasons.

Customer Care

We address all the needs and inquiries of your students and enhance loyalty.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Our multi-channel approach ensures that no opportunity is left unattended.

Loyalty Program Management

Retain your existing students, strengthen the relationship with them, and increase your future admissions.

Why Outsource

There are multiple aspects of a course to organize at the start of a semester from an administrative and academic point of view. Manning the phones or responding to prospective leads on the website could take up precious resources of your organization. Our multi-lingual staff through our multi-channel contact center, provide a great academic experience to students and make sure all interactions are productive and help in building up confidence and trust. A student or parent’s feedback about an education institute acts as a word-of-mouth promotion for the organization as this is still one of the most reliable review formats considered among the masses.