Industry Overview

The food delivery business is never easy, you must manage multiple aspects of your business all at once while still focusing on your core business which is food. If your food-delivery business does not have the right outsourcing partner, then you’re headed towards endless problems. Most restaurants operate a minimum of 3 to 5 branches, meaning endless aggravations managing the delivery operations cycle, as most of the restaurants still depend on the pen & paper model or separate phone lines for each branch which ruins the customers experience. That’s exactly why restaurants need to harness technology in order to streamline delivery operations, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and operations efficiency.

Our Solutions

iCall delivers outstanding customer experience across multiple channels, including phone, email, chat, and social media. We develop our own CRM order taking applications that are ready for integration with your POS technology to seamlessly deliver orders to your customer locations, anytime, anywhere.

Our Services

Order Taking

Through a web-based CRM tailored to fit your menu and demographical zoning, our call center agents always have direct access to your branches.

Missing Items Handling

All you need is to update the page with your missing items and they won’t appear to our agents.

Customer Relations and Upselling

Our trained sales agents use a powerful CRM system that understands customer needs and knows their history.

Complaints Management

Our real-time complaint management system enables us to resolve different types of issues efficiently through various communication channels.

Why Outsource

Working with an experienced outsourcing partner who is an expert in this LOB, you can develop first-class customer service experiences for a fraction of the cost than doing it yourself.

How can outsourcing your restaurant delivery service to iCall increase your average order size while improving your guest experience, simply, we use technology!