Why great customer service matters on Black Friday

Why great customer service matters on Black Friday

It’s no news and well known that customers will take their business to a competitor after a single negative experience. The good news is that our team at iCall can help you create a smooth #customerexperience this #BlackFriday across all touchpoints.

• Deliver the in-store experience - online

Consumers are going to have the same expectation of the great service they get when they’re actually in a brick and mortar establishment. But they are going to want it #online, and they’re going to expect to be able to communicate via channels that retailers maybe haven’t relied on in the past. More than ever, customers will want to use messaging to talk to companies — WhatsApp or SMS, for example. In past Black Fridays, #retailers never really had to accommodate this because most interactions were happening in their store.

• Invest in CX

Research shows that 75% of customers will spend more to buy from a company that offers a good customer service experience. Retailers invest so much in the traditional in-person experience — now they must translate the #CX they’ve created into every support channel. If your company isn’t already using #AI or #chat, and if you don’t have a strong self-service experience, now is the time to make that investment. Customers are likely to be doing everything online. While some of them will have questions on the phone, others will expect to be able to pull up your website on a laptop or their phone and instantly chat with you. Still, others love your products but don’t want to communicate at all. They will appreciate — and expect — a #robust contact center where they can find the answers, they need without interacting with a human.

• Be prepared

Work out any problems in advance, but Black Friday should not be the launch day for a new communication channel. Our contact center is up and running, and ready to deliver that same level of customer experience as always in an all-online environment as well as in-store. We plan based on how consumers are going to act because we know how people tend to shop and interact after years and years of monitoring their behaviors. We are fully ready to talk to your customers in whatever channel they choose.

That is what we call the Black Friday CX in a nutshell!